Tips for Flying from ABQ

Tips and Advice for Flying

Tips and Advice for Flying

Bring Food and Drinks

Many airlines no longer serve meals, let alone offer a snack on their flights. Some offer sandwiches and salads for sale, but you can save money and get a meal you’ll actually like by bringing your own, or buying something to eat in the airport prior to boarding.

Please note you are not allowed to bring more than 3.4 ounces in liquids through TSA security*, so we recommend purchasing beverages after you have cleared security. Don’t drink any beverages that will dehydrate your body, such as coffee, tea, caffeinated drinks, and alcoholic beverages. Due to the high altitudes and cabin pressure, you may experience some discomfort with headaches, which may be compounded by dehydration.


Take the time to stretch your legs by taking walks along the plane, especially on long flights You may annoy your fellow passengers and the flight-attendants but at least you’re exercising and keeping the blood circulating in your legs. By moving around, you will decrease the chances of stiff legs or pain. If you can’t get up and walk around, do some leg, neck, arms, and hand exercises that don’t require you to get up. There are many you can find on the web*.

Dress Comfortably

We suggest a t-shirt and comfortable pants. Also, bring along a sweatshirt or something that you can wear in case the air conditioning is too much for you. Many airlines no longer provide blankets, or will charge for one, so be sure to take something with you that keeps you warm.

Bring Towelette and Hand Sanitizer

Bring some portable wet napkins with you to refresh yourself or wipe off any accidental spills or mess you or your companion creates (especially if you are travelling with children). Hand sanitizer will let you quickly clean your hands, without the need to go to the lavatory.

Bring Neck Rest

Invest in a comfortable neck rest (especially for long flights during which you plan to sleep). If you’ve slept on the plane on long hauls, you will no doubt have experienced a stiff neck from sleeping. Many airlines no longer provide pillows, or will charge for one, so bringing your own is a good idea. Inflatable ones are great for saving space when you’re finished. You just need to let out the air. Bean bag ones are probably more comfortable but they take up some space and weight.